Wednesday, July 21, 2010

№ Ғ ҈ ن འ

"Style is a simple way of saying complicated things."
-Jean Cocteau

Its incredible to finally live in a place where people don't think you're crazy for dressing in clothes that no one else told you to wear.


Being in a much larger city than before, there are so many more options for thrift and vintage shopping. Its been really hard to list some things on Etsy because now I live in a place that I can wear them for myself without my friends telling me I look weird.

"Rita. You look like an old lady"

"Ha ha! What are you wearing? I kinda like it!"

"Only you could pull that off Rita. Wow."






Neon Indian - Ephemeral Artery




  1. hey! that's really cool! thanks for including my neon flower shorts! stay true to your unique style rock!

    cara mia

  2. Thanks for including my dress here!

    Ironically, I've been ignoring what others have told me I should be wearing since about 1984. When most of the looks you've posted here were extremely popular, I was wearing black and army green. :) You have to love the cycles of fashion.

  3. Hey! your blog is super fun and also, i like your etsy shop a whole lot! I featured you leather yellow heels on my blog! hope that is alright with you! check it out :

  4. Such a fun blog!!! Keep your style as is. It's you.