Tuesday, July 20, 2010

№ ⡏♄ℜ⏙⒠

" Babies are such a nice way to start people."
-Don Harold

I've never really had children in my life, even when I was a child I was by myself. Now that I'm living with three and am constantly around many more, I think I've changed my mind about not wanting my own some day.

I love them!

Even though they can drive you crazy, ruin your things, and just all around ruin your day, children are so loving, forgiving, and always are looking up to you how to be a better person.
I'm going to feature two shops today at both ends of the children's clothing spectrum.

Hart and Sew have an incredible selection of absolutely adorable and preppy vintage childrens clothes that are the kind of things you only wish they made in your size!

〪〫〬 〭〠〪〫〬 〪〭〫〬 〭〠〪〫〬 〪〭〫〬 〭〠〪〫〬 〭

Wren Willow's selection is all too different, but equally as stylish, with a laid back, comfy-T, super mall sized shop filled with great screenprints for all ages, but primarily for kids.


The best kids song ever.

Raffi - Bananaphone




  1. you are so sweet! I love the reference to mall sized shop! ha!! :D


  2. I just looooove that quote... "babies are..." so good! And congratulations on your new blog - loving it already, and looking forward to more! :) Kristina

  3. thanks! that quote and your words made me smile. :)

  4. love love this blog Rita... as always you are creative and original and this blog is just another example of all your wonderfulness wrapped into one!
    love mom