Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Its amazing.
And those who don't do it can't understand it until they do.
Here is how I would explain running to someone who hasn't run before

Here is the recipe for what it feels like:
• Take an amazing trip off of ecstasy
• Drink 3 glasses of wine
• Add in the craving of a chain smoker for cigarettes

Add all of the above, now imagine:
• Having a totally clear head through all of this
• Minus the hangover in the morning
• No know tie to cancer

With the benefits of:
• Weight loss and looking hot!
• Clearer, healthier skin
• The desire to eat better and drink more water
• Never feeling groggy and listless all day
• Find the best cure for stir-crazy-sit-on-your-butt-all-day depression
• Having a smile on your face all day long, and laughing a lot more
• Meeting incredible motivated people like yourself

Soooo. What is it that you said you didn't like about running? Oh the pain? Well it only hurts as much as you want it too, and the more it hurts, the better it feels later on. And whats the difference between running and other addictions?
Alcohol: Fun now=feel like crap later, forget everything that happened
Pot: Fun now= pass out later, and hack up a lung every time you jog a few feet
Other drugs= Errr fun? = Too many bad side effects
Running: Moderate pain now= amazing high that lasts for days if you do it right and no crash

So for me the hardest part was starting. Getting my shoes on and running those first few miles. Once you do though, you'll want to run every day, and I've been running twice a day just to get to the point where I can go for a long period without stopping. I'm not there yet.

If I haven't motivated you enough (all you millions of people who read this blog), or if you have no interest to ever run, or if you are a person who can read, then read this book called Born to Run. You will never read a more motivating as well as captivating story ever. And its all true.

The End.


  1. I'm ready to read it! Is fawna done with it, btw?

  2. Haha o dang well I was supposed to give it to big ellen first, which I'll do right now, then to fawna, then you get it! Lets hope they are fast readers!

  3. :)